Suzy with Maia at 9 MoHello. I’m Suzy –  a gal with two little monkeys I love more than life itself, a husband who believes kids should play as much in the dirt as I do, and a full time corporate worker bee.

I started Imperfectly Perfect Journey as a gentle reminder to enjoy the moments in life that are taking place now and to let go of being caught up in perfection of the day to day or the next best thing. Life in fact is a messy, wonderful journey and it’s going to be better than okay.

Imperfectly Perfect Journey is a place where I get to me and you get to be you. No judgement. Just shared stories. The kind you would share with your old best friend or that new mom from your kids class but don’t because you are both fried. Or you don’t because the stories and feelings are just a bit too complicated to express. Doesn’t anybody talk about the deep stuff?

So I’ve tried to share here some of my most intimate experiences with being a mother, a wife and a human being. I share my stories so that you can share yours.

I encourage you to join me in rediscovering who you are, and who you truly want to be.