Getting Over the Fear of Writing the First Blog

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When did I stop being creative?

When did each project focus on a business outcome or a household task?

I had to give myself permission to be inspired and to write, for the pure pleasure of it. I write every day, they just happen to be in the email format. Precise, to the point, and with an action item attached to it.While there is some creativity in the art of negotiation (even over email), email does not leave a lot of room for the imagination.  It’s business talk at the end of the day. Starting a blog is a little more fuzzy. To be able to write content that is intended to be enjoyed, mulled over and pondered, criticized or liked depending on the mood or the recipient, that takes some courage. It requires getting rid of the cobwebs and taking risk. I have not written creatively, not even in my own journal much, for over a decade. It’s been eight years since I’ve taken an intro to photography class. Just the other day I had to ask the hubby ” that f stop thing, it’s inverse to shutter speed right? So which one do I want?” Time for a refresher.

I realized though that  at some point I just had to let go and start. No one is going to tell me what my first blog post is going to be about, but just like making my bed first thing in the morning –  I just had to get the momentum going. So here it is,  you’re a witness to it.

I did have some help. Here are three publications that prompted me to get started on my journey. I hope they help on yours.

1. Bella Grace  magazine – for the inspiration and beautiful pictures. There are other gals out there creating their dreams.

2. Blogging magazine by Mollie Makes – for the know how

3. Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon – for the kick in the butt to just get started.

And here it is – the first blog as it appeared in my journal, with a very much enjoyed cup of pumpkin spiced latte.

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