The Guilty Pleasures of Business Travel

Business Trip Bliss

I travel for work on occasion and more often that not, I cheat. I don’t exercise as much as I normally do, I eat the entire $12 dessert I normally never order, and rather than catching up on my sleep I usually end up watching a marathon session of HGTV. What can I say, it brings me pleasure.

I’ve heard other stories of  moms boasting that the business trips they take on occasion are a sanity check. No kids. Other adults. Someone else cleans, cooks and does the dishes.  I have one friend in particular who elevates the silence of the hotel room to the equivalent of spa day.

It’s not as glamorous as I make it out to be. Really, I promise. I usually come back more exhausted and sleep deprived than when I left (last week’s return at 1:35 AM is a prime example) but there is something to getting away. Getting dressed and going to see other people that makes my world shine just a little brighter. And the TV splurge? I don’t have TV at home so watching people spend exorbitant amount of money on a remodel to get granite counter tops and an open concept kitchen is sort of fascinating. To a point. I usually leave thinking thank God I don’t have to watch this at home. I’m interested, but not that interested. Let’s leave temptation back at the hotel.

While traveling I miss the kids. Immensely. I also hate pumping and am grateful I no longer have to package milk in water bottles on ice and try to get them across international borders.  I usually can’t stand to be away more than two nights (hence the extreme late arrival after a full day of meetings) but I think, done once in a while, these days away are actually good for us. Laying the fields lay fallow as they say.

Although it was only two days, it makes my husband (and me) trick into believing like we have not seen each other forever. By gosh, we have to reconnect. Honey what are your thoughts on tonight? It reminds me of a previous lifetime when we wouldn’t actually see each other every single day.

So sometimes it happens and the magic is rekindled. And sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes I come home to a husband who can’t stop hacking and is exhausted because both the kids have been sick while I was away. But there is always hope. And in the hotel room, there is always HGTV.

How about you? What has been your experience with business travel as a mom?


One thought on “The Guilty Pleasures of Business Travel

  1. Gracemarie says:

    I am going on my first business trip next week and will be gone for 2 nights. I’m not looking forward to missing my baby, but I am looking forward to not being “on duty”. Hubby will be responsible for the baby while I’m gone, along with my Mom, who is her nanny. So honestly, hubby has it made because my Mom is the best and takes the best care of the baby! But he will have night and morning duty, and will have to do the drop off and pick up (unless my Mom volunteers to pick her up, which she might!). I think it will be good for me to be in a hotel room and not have a monitor next to my bed that I check every time I wake up throughout the night, and hopefully I will sleep good! BTW – on a side note – I’m so proud of you for not having TV at home. Pre-marriage, I didn’t watch a lot of TV. Now, we watch several shows that we record, some of which I really shouldn’t watch! (The Americans – total guilty pleasure, but it’s really pretty naughty).

    And good for you for ordering dessert…I think I’ll do that too! :)

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