Thank You

Kisses at Cataract Lake

Thank you for the kiss.

Thank you for these quiet moments, when we sit by the lake and throw stones. When the wind is calm and the trees are yellow. Sometimes I forget to breathe. But not in moments like these.

Thank you for the gift of being a mother. Thank you for the unconditional love of my husband, I am sorry I get so upset sometimes.

Thank you for the days, because we have them together. The bath, the stories, the late in the evening meltdowns. We are living them. And we are okay. Better than okay, because tomorrow night we get to do it all over again. We have the chance. And that makes me happy.

Even though I am weary now because you needed your mommy at 2 in the morning. Again. Ever since the “weekend getaway” we took two weeks ago. I’m thankful we have another banana left, because it calms you and you go back to sleep. I am grateful we get to get away.

Thank you to my mother, who watches my kids. Thank you to my father, who helps her out. Thank you for risking your lives back in that fateful summer of 1985 and working relentlessly so that Peter and I could get an education, buy a house, have choices. Travel. Travel anywhere in the world. Thank you for the gift of travel. Mom, I wish you would retire.

I know I don’t sit down enough to write down all the things I am grateful for. It is the season, and I am doing it now. Take a moment, do it too. Write on the back of the envelope of the junk mail you just received. Borrow a piece of paper from one of the Hello Kitty notepads your daughter has in the house.  Type an email, send it to yourself. It’s freeing to the soul.

It’s okay to be appreciate of all that we have. A home (even if it’s teeny tiny), a job (even if, at times, it bores us to tears). A good Ryan Gosling movie. Love.  Choices. Ability to create our lives.

There is much, much to be grateful for.



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